Holistic Fertility Doula Services 

Individualized  health program tailored specifically to your needs for better womb health. Learn how to manage PMS and increase fertility naturally.

- Menstrual cycle charting guidance

- Irregular or painful period coaching
- Fertility diet support 
- Stress management and meditation exercises
- A personalized herbal remedies
- Aromatherapy, homeopathy, and flower essences

- Acupressure, castor oil packs, and yoni steams

- Natural male fertility coaching

- Organic skincare and cleaning product consultation

- Fertility doula support during fertility treatments

-4 week Menstrual Health program -$280 

- 12 week Complete Fertility Support program - $840

Birth Doula Support


- 2 prenatal visits

- Continuous contact through email or phone

- Labor support at your birth

- 2 postpartum visits



Herbal Healing Doula Package

Get pregnancy and labor support from an herbalist!

Support from herbs and nature can play a huge part in growing and bringing a baby Earth side. Plant medicine can help us go deeper into that primal and natural state of creating life with gentleness and femininity. 

Unfortunately, there are many fears when it comes to using natural remedies during pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding. The good news is that many herbs and remedies can be used under the guidance of an herbalist and your medical care provider. 
Whether you’re looking to ease your morning sickness with the healing power of plants or calm your new momma nerves with gentle flower essences this program will get you started on the right path with confidence. 
The Herbal Healing Doula package will help you achieve your dreams of a healthy, natural pregnancy and birth. 



$250 if purchased with Birth Doula service


-4 personalized herbal remedies to support you through the 4 trimesters of motherhood. 

-On Call herbal remedy guidance. 

-Free Womb Wellness tea included with every new momma client!

Traditional Postpartum Services 

During pregnancy and labor you will grow and expand to as large as you will ever be. Traditional postpartum methods were and are used as part of post labor healing for new moms in the community. These hands on services are very symbolic in the way it "closes" your body back together and brings back alignment to your postpartum body. You will have a chance to explore your recent birth story. Then relax with essential oils, herbal tea, and flower essences as we move through a pelvic floor routine and practice bringing strength and comfort back into the womb.  

You will need a safe, quiet environment for this service but you can definitely keep your baby near by. This can be a one on one session, but you can include your family, friends, and birthworkers around you. 
*Not recommended for claustrophobic individuals.

$60 per service 

$50 if purchased with doula service

Organic Skincare Service

-Learn what skincare products to use during pregnancy
-How to develop an easy skincare routine
-Learn what changes to expect during pregnancy and postpartum 

$50 per service 

$40 if purchased with any doula service

Yoni Steams and Herbal Foot Bath

For many women around the the world yoni steaming is a standard ritual for fertility and postpartum. Herbal steam promotes healthy blood flow to the vulva and womb space and can be incredibly healing for the vaginal tissues and soul. As we work on the foot bath we can discuss acupuncture that can promote fertility and postpartum wellness. 

* Not recommended during menstruation or with an IUD. Not for pregnant women.

$60 per service 

$50 if purchased with any doula service

Castor Oil Pack Treatments

May be beneficial for heavy, painful periods, absent periods, fibroids, blocked tubes and uterine stagnation.

* Not recommended during menstruation or with an IUD. Not for pregnant women or new postpartum mamas. 

$60 per service 

$50 if purchased with any doula service

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