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Tips for scheduling a regular skin care routine

This month I've been thinking about how to make more time for my skin. I for one fall into a pattern of becoming too busy to practice a little self care. I often say to myself "Well, maybe I'll get to that facial tomorrow." Tomorrow comes, and then the next day and the next. Sometimes it takes a whole month before I finally get that facial done! Really, all it takes is a little extra planning and organization skills to make it go smoothly. Here are some tips to help you get organized, take some time for yourself and take care of your skin.

1. Set a notification in your phone

At the beginning of every month set up "facial" notifications in you phone's calendar settings. 30 minutes to 1 hour each week is perfect to get a full facial done. An exfoliation product and mask only take 10 minutes to set before removing.

2. Set up the products you will use the day before

Make a plan of what facial products you will be using and set them out on the counter the day before. Include towels, washcloths and tools you want to use. You could even set out a mug with a tea bag ready to go. Just add the hot water when your ready to relax!

3. Multitask!

Although facials are best enjoyed relaxing and resting sometimes we just need to fit that skin care in our schedule! While the exfoliant or mask is processing your hands are free to do whatever you want. Wash the dishes or fold some laundry while that mask dries. Grab some natural cleaning products and wash your sink after you rinse off your face.

4. Meal prep

You may be thinking what the heck does meal prepping have to do with skin care!? Meal prepping can save so much time during the week. The time you'll save can be used for some self care time on your face! Also, you will be eating healthier which will help your skin. Just think of it as potential skincare.

We live in a very busy world! As a working mom I'm sure I don't need to explain how precious my time is. Between school, work, commutes, family, and life it's no wonder that there is such a big push for self care and wellness right now. We are crazy stressed people and its manifesting in our health and skin. Planning for just 1 hour of skin care a week will save you so much time in the long run because you'll be preventing future skin issues and of course time to de-stress.


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