• Madison Caylor

On Journeys, Rebirth, and Pomegranates

So I've been thinking a lot this month about journeys we go on and changes that manifest in our lives. Just over a year ago I birthed my baby boy into this world. As I look back at the profound changes that have happened to me in my life I realize that I am indeed a new person. Sure I will always carry the Maiden part of me around but I am also this new part called Mother.

Many traditions have stories about journeys and rebirth in particular. The symbolic pomegranate has brought them to mind even more so. I can't help but think about Persephone journeying to the Underworld to rest in the darkness with her husband only to return renewed each spring. The story of Inanna's decent is similar too. I think about Jesus Christ, and Eve and what they had to journey through to save mankind.

It's not quite so dramatic in my own life but I love the lessons to be learned. I think all of us in one way or another will endure a transformative experience. I think if we give into those moments, breathe through them, we will find much more enjoyment from life.

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