Herbal Birthwork & Holistic Wellness for the journey through motherhood.

You are a driven woman with a passion for natural health and understanding your body. Maybe you haven't had success with modern day medicine or you want to avoid medications. Here you can find an alternative solutions to correcting acne, pms, and fertility challenges. We will bring spiritual and emotional wellness to your pregnancy and healing wisdom for a complete postpartum experience.

Lady's Mantle : noun

1. A loose sleeveless cloak or shawl usually worn by women. This is what the herb lady's mantle was named after. 

2. An important role or responsibility that passes from one woman to another. 

Fertility is important for every woman even if she isn't planning on getting pregnant. Being fertile means your reproductive system is in great shape! As a fertility doula, I will help you chart your cycles, find the right natural remedies to correct pms and balance hormones, and even support you physically and emotionally through reproductive challenges. 

Pregnancy is so much more than 9 months of carrying a child and I want to help you navigate this journey in the most healing way possible. Learn how to use natural remedies for pregnancy complaints. Practice meditations and empower your labor experience. And experience true postpartum healing as you grow into motherhood. Together, we can create the best path of wellness for you and your family. 

I make herbal teas, tinctures, natural body products, and flower essences for my clients and sometimes I have extra! Take a look to see what's in stock. 

Ask me about ordering Simply Earth essential oils! 

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Knoxville, TN

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